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Mill Department Consist of:

• Fryer CNC 4-Axes vertical mill with a 30” x 30” x 60” capacity.

• Fryer CNC 3-Axes vertical mill with a 25” x 25” x 50” capacity.

• Chevalier CNC 2-Axes vertical mill with 12” x 42” capacity.

• Proto trak 2-Axes CNC vertical mill with 9" x 42" table.

• Manual Vertical Mills 12" x 42" table travel with power feeds.

• Super-Spacer and a 15" Turn table for indexing.

• (2) Roll-in vertical bandsaws.



Lathe Department consists of:



• Okuma Cadet L1420 turning center with 14” x 48” capacity

• Sharp 12” x 40” Engine Lathe with metric threading.

• Leblond 15” x 36” Engine Lathe.

These machines are equipped with:

Tapered attachment, three Jaw chucks, four jaw chucks (Independent), centers, threading, knurling, Louis tool post and holders for quick change, travel dial system


Grinding Department Consist of:



• (2) 6" x 18" Precision Hand Feed Surface Grinders.

• (5) 6” x 12” Precision Hand Feed Surface Grinders.

• Rivett I.D. and O.D. Grinder

We use this machine for grinding holes up to 3" I.D. and approx. 3" Deep.

• Brown & Sharp O.D. Grinder. 8” x 24” capacity.




• #25 Knight Jig-Master Jig bore & Jig Grinder 18" x 24” working distance.



• Sunnen Honing Machine



At this time this machine is a equipped for honing holes from .125” up to 2.00”.

• Thompson 12" x 24" Hydraulic surface grinder

These machines have digital readout systems and all attachments for grinding forms, angles, radius and plain dimensions. We also have 2 Speedy-Spinners attachments for grinding between center up to 10" in diameter and 7" long, and a power rotator system up to 10” diameter.


Inspection Department:



• Brown & Sharp Gage 2000 (CMM) Coordinate Measuring Machine

• 14" Dia. Screen Comparator Equipped for 10 or 50 times projection on angles, radius, and combinations contours.

Guage Blocks, Height Gages, Surface Plates, Sine Bars, other needed items to check any work being done in the shop.


Heat Treat Division



• General heat treating and drawing of high and low carbon steels.



• Sand blasting.

Delivery on most heat treat services is overnight.